Our Vision

We want to bring larp into the world of art, but also into the mainstream. Does it sound contradictory? Perhaps, but we believe it is possible. By making larp more professionalized, more polished and less temporary and volunteer-driven, we hope to make it reach standards that allow it to step into the mainstream as an accepted and highly regarded form of entertainment, education or art.

However, we do not want it to lose its artistic aspirations and we do not want to see larp simply turn into a medium for the masses. Just like theatre, movies, books and every other art form, there is room for both art and consumer products, both for new and visionary, boundary-breaking pieces and those that are designed simply to entertain and bring in more people, or more financial power into the field.

We do hope, however, that the larp medium never loses its spirit of cooperation, co-creation and voluntary aspects. These things are some of the important things that make larp such a unique and powerful medium for so many people and so many stories.