Current Projects

We are currently working on the following projects:


The Forbidden History

The Forbidden History is a larp about a college for the intellectual elite. It is about secret societies, academic aspirations, romantic entanglements, twisted power dynamics and subjects most taboo.

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The Austen Experience

The Austen Experience is a larp inspired by the works of Jane Austen (and the movie Austenland and the series Lost in Austen) as well as the tv-show Westworld. It takes place at a Company-owned Austen theme park with AI units and Androids.


Lord of Lies

The Lord of Lies is a larp about pulp fiction, communal living and summoning the Antichrist The themes include power structures, exploitation, unity, and relationships.


Pleasing Women

Pleasing Women is organized by Julia Greip and produced by Atropos.


It is a story about young women discovering friendship, love, intimacy and desire, in an existence where some of these feelings are still out of bounds. It is set at a British finishing school, where young women were sent to learn manners, arts, languages and how to run a household.