About Us

We are a collective of artists and larp creators that are striving towards bringing our designs and innovation to a wider audience. We are aiming at renting a permanent location for our projects as well as making our services available for those who want to create a truly interactive and unique experience for their event or assocation.

In addition to the core members, we also have many individuals that help us with our projects or work in cooperation with, and are usually credited on the separate websites.

Petra Lindve

Passion and expertise

A cultural chameleon, Petra is Swedish-born, Ireland-raised and since her teens Sweden-based (except for a brief few months in Germany). A linguist to the core, she has always been fascinated by how language frames human interactions and how it can be used as a tool, or a weapon.

Petra started her larp organising career by being in charge of food design at Echo Chamber, something she used again when she was in charge of food at Reborn, but her true passion is quality control. By this she means trying to slowly improve structures and designs, without hurrying ahead of the rest of the crew. I.e. Testing new approaches to things and evaluating if they work or not.

In her professional life, Petra has worked for various newspapers as a copy editor, and she sometimes lets this bleed over into her larps, occasionally making print material from scratch. On top of this, Petra is a larp designer, who can write, gm, brainstorm within any field and sometimes even make scenography.


  • Journalism program with specialisation in print media at Södra Vätterbygdens folkhögskola 2011–2013.
  • Courses in German, Latin and Linguistics 2013–2018. A thesis short of a Bachelor’s degree in Latin.

Carl Nordblom

Passion and expertise

Carl has always produced things with his hands, be it wrought iron locks, tailored suits or LED-lit acrylic signs. His focus has been on making things feel real and believable by trying to incorporate as many senses as possible into his designs.

He is interested in stories and experiences that change behaviours and perspectives and enjoys studying how group dynamics change people’s behaviours. When organizing he likes to guide people on the edge of their comfort zones or have them explore philosophical questions about meaning and belonging.

In his professional life Carl works with scenography on film and television productions. That field has some strong similarities but also differences to larp scenography and the two complement eachother nicely.

Siri Sandquist

Passion and expertise

Siri has been an avid writer since a child and now a days mostly channel her creativity into writing characters and fictions. She has great experience at project management and have great experience of both the creative and the logistic sides of bigger projects though her years as a larp pedagouge.

Her passion is changing people’s view of the world we live in through transformal experiences, with a special interest in feminist issues, which can be seen in many of her earlier projects centering around gender and/or female history.

With a background in archaeology and history studies she is well versed in both historical contexts and the cultural norms of many previous societies, knowledge she often channels into her larp projects. Many of them are extensively historically researched and fact based. Through her previous work at LajvVerkstaden she has gained extensive experience as a project manager as well as developing her ability to use larp as a pedagogical tool. Even in more artistic contexts she tends to always have an agenda or a clear theme she wants her participants to explore.


  • Archaeology m Litt Celtic and Viking Archaeology at Glasgow University 2012
  • Arkeologi master allmän Stockholm Universitet 2014

Design & Production outside Atropos

  • Grey Zone, 2016
  • Winson Green Prison, 2016
  • Blockby Fästning, 2016
  • Cabaret, 2015
  • Gudars Skymning, 2015
  • It’s a Man’s World, 2015
  • Vår Skyldighet (Our responsibility) in collaboration with Varberg municipality and Hallands Teater, 2015
  • Dementia, 2014
  • Suffragett! I samarbete med Hallvylska museet 2014


  • #Feminism 2016
  • Larp Realia /KP BOOK 2016
  • Once upon a nordic larp… /KP BOOK 2017
  • Arrtankar.wordpress.com


  • Lajvverkstaden 2015-2017
  • During her time at LajvVerkstaden she acted as a project manager for over 50 different projects with budgets up to 500.000 sek including large projects such as Playing for the future, a collaboration with Igry Buduschego financed through the Swedish Institute, and Släktmiddagen a larp for corporations wanting a fun interactive tool to discuss enviromental issues.

Simon Svensson

Passion and expertise

Simon is a world builder and experience designer with an interest in groundbreaking performances within larp, artistic explorations of the medium and in human psychology. He wants to see participation in a larp as an act of performance art, and sees the medium as the best way to truly understand yourself and others. In projects he tends to focus on the overall story design as well as fiction and character writing. He is especially passionate about seeing the written stories and lives become reality and to see how players are moved, transformed and changed through their experiences. In his life outside Atropos, he has spent time within the IT field as an independent consultant, web designer and technical problem solver. He takes these skills with him into the larp world and gets to do some of the drudge work associated with that.


  • Teacher’s education, History and Religion, 2003-2008
  • MA Degree, History